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About Us

Who we are, and what we’re about.

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About Our Club

CVMRCC--the largest and most active Radio Control club in the county!

Originally founded in 1973, and flying at Southwestern College under the club name, "Aeronauts", CVMRCC has had one of the longest life-spans of any RC club in California.  We are one of the last remaining RC flying clubs in San Diego County, and the only club that allows operation of gas-turbine powered models. Our members range from professional RC pilots down to beginners who have not yet soloed.  We fly from sun-up to sun-down, all year long (rules apply when flying on weekdays--pilots must establish telephone communication with Ream Field tower prior to flying).  We are also the most affordable RC club around, at a mere $6.25/month for adults, and FREE to juniors.

Meet Our Club Leadership

Our club, like all good clubs, requires good stewardship and leadership.  CVMRCC is led by a dedicated group of volunteer Club Officers and Board Members who are elected and/or appointed by the membership on a term basis.

Tom Svircev


Walter Kramer

Vice President

Robert Burrow


Don Petsche


Sunny Chalberg


Kevin Hogan


Bob Walker


Art Sims